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Lifewave Patches - Quick And Easy Way To Improve Your Health

lifewave patches

Lifewave Patches combine light therapy and acupressure points allowing your body to heal itself naturally. This is done by reflecting infrared light emitted by your body and re-focusing it back to where your body needs it most.

Placed over specific acupressure points, this simple technology amplifies and balances your body's frequencies ... without using drugs, chemicals or invasive surgery.


X39 - Patches ...

X39 promotes activation of stem cells and rejuvenation by elevating copper peptide production.

Other reported benefits include:


Y-Age Aeon - The Happy Patches ...

Clinically provent to reduce stress and inflamation. Other reported benefits:


Y-Age Glutathione ...

Naturally elevates production of glutathione, the body's master antioxidant. Reported benefits include:


Y-Age Carnosine - For Brain, Muscles & Heart...


Y-Age Icewave - Pain Relief ...

Reported relief of chronic pain such as:

energy enhancer

Energy Enhancer - Enhanced Performance ...

Reported benefits:


SP6 Complete - Weightloss & Hormone Balance...

silent nights

Silent Nights - Longer, Deeper Sleep...

Reported benefits:

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