south canterbury dietitian


"I have managed to lose between 6-7kg and keep them off for the last couple of months and am very happy with this progress. It may not seem a great deal but I would normally have fallen off by now and started to put the weight back on, so for me this is awesome. I feel really great too so that is a fantastic outcome. I am so grateful for the work you have put into me and if I should need your help in the future I will certainly seek you out. Thank you so much." Pam - Timaru

"After battling being overweight for years ( up to 125kgs ) and having type 2 diabetes, my doctor sent me to see Liz. She introduced me to the Keto diet. With her expertise and support and my willing to change, after 3 months, my weight dropped to 106kgs and my diabetes HAIC dropped from 64 to 46. I can also now do away with most of my medication. I have taken up biking and can cycle between 10 to 20 kms a day. Liz, thank you for your help, you are amazing." Gerald - Timaru

"I can't thank you enough for helping me sort myself out, I have renewed confidence and feeling so much better.  I really appreciate you listening and helping with patience and understanding." - Peter - Oamaru

"I've had a really good first few weeks, my husband is totally on board with the new eating plan and has been cooking some delicious meals.  All LCHF. We have both lost weight easily, for the first time ever! I certainly don’t feel hungry and I love the food. Thanks for all your advice, recipes and support." Kath - Twizel

"No pressure to switch but instead gives great advice along with fantastic links to information on keto from real people like me and doctors/professors that have are also committed to helping with options for a different and what I believe a successful change.  My average Diabetes test has gone from 84 to 43 in a few short weeks. I now feel like I am back in control of my health!" Neil - Rakaia

"The talk you gave has been useful for my personal and professional life. Both my husband and I have changed to LCHF way of eating and we are feeling great. My husband is very happy with his weight loss so far: 16 kg! Some of our extended family are also starting to change their eating to LCHF. I now recommend this for my patients to help improve their health as well as for weight loss and control of diabetes." GP - General Practicioner

"I was really worried about my high blood sugar levels and that I might need to start taking insulin for my Diabetes. After changing my eating to LCHF with your guidance, I now feel more in control. My average blood glucose levels has gone form 10-12 to now 6-7 and I feel so much better. My GP is really pleased with the results and so am I. It looks like I now do not need to take insulin." Diane - Ashburton

"Thank Liz! While others just talked, you acted and now my gut has never been this good in 10 years." Barbara - Dunedin

"For many years I've suffered with bowel and stomach problems with no relief. I found Liz Ford who has a special interest in the subject. She put me on a special eating plan and within 1 week I was feel much better, with less bloating and less pain. Now, after 5 months, I feel I have a calm and happy digestion." Diane - Christchurch

"Without your help Liz, I would never have found such wonderful relief from my stomach problems, for which I will be eternally grateful." Sharon - Timaru

"The diet you have prescribed has been an absolute blessing! The tenderness of my belly has dramatically improved." - Helen - Nelson

"Seriously, my stomach hasn't been this comfortable for years! Your ideas were very clear, specific and they worked. Thankyou so much." Debbie - Timaru

"Thank you Liz. You advice has made a huge difference to my life. I which I had met you years ago." Michelle - Blenheim

"After a friendly and relaxing talk, Liz quickly came up with a diet plan, detailed food lists and an action plan. Almost immediately, I began to feel better. The nausea and constipation have gone. My sincere thanks to Liz for a much healthier and happier lifestyle." Jean - Temuka

“After failing to lose weight on my own several times, I asked my GP to refer me to a nutritionist. To my good fortune he referred me to Liz Ford. From our first meeting the benefits have been amazing. With Liz’s advice and encouragement I made lifestyle changes that have resulted in a weight loss of over 20kgs. I intend to continue to work with Liz for the foreseeable future.” Gary - Pleasant Point