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About Liz Ford

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I am a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist and have worked in a variety of areas including hospitals and private practice.

My background and training has been in the standard medical model which focused on the standard dietary guidelines for health and treatment of conditions such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Weight Management.

However, I no longer follow these guidelines.

A few years ago I came to the realisation that the standard approach was not working and was possibly doing more harm than good for some of my clients.

Disappointingly, despite following the recommended plan, they had ongoing issues with weight gain, poor blood sugar control, increasing medications and feeling unwell.

A few years ago, my son was experiencing severe health problems despite following the recommended guidelines. Desperate to find answers, he did his own research and experiments with low carb earting. Seeing first hand the rapid improvement to his health, I began my own indepth research.

I discovered that low carb, healthy fat, whole food eating is most certainly a major component to improving health and well being and I started seeing amazing results with my clients.

My own research, training and self-experimentation led me to develop a more Holistic or Integrated approach to health with a focus on using whole foods while considering Mind, Body and Spirit or Emotional Health. I am now taking an Integrative or Holistic nutrition approach with my clients.

There is no 'one diet fits all' but there are general principles that do apply.

A whole foods approach uses foods in their most natural form. Generally they do not come in packets or boxes, do not have artificial ingredients or preservatives added, are naturally low in sugar, carbohydrates and gluten as well as being naturally higher in healthy fats. These foods are super high in the nutrients that everyone needs to thrive and be healthy.

Using real food as medicine is very powerful and can help support the body to heal itself.

My approach is to empower my clients to be find the best way to eat for their needs as well as to enable them to lose excess weight, gain energy, easily control blood sugars, improve memory and brain function, and improve digestion.

Overall the result is improved resilience and enhanced immune performance or overall well-being.

Many of my clients have been able to reduce, stop or avoid the need for prescription medications.

They also report feeling finally free from the treadmill of restrictive weight loss dieting and excessive cardio exercise to try and burn fat. They are able to take back control of their own health.

I am a current member of AIMA, the Australasian Integrated Medicine Association.

This enables me to collaborate with other like-minded health professionals and keep up to date with the latest evidence based science and training in integrated or holistic medicine and nutrition.

Based in Timaru, I initially worked with people all over the Canterbury and North Otago but now I'm working with clients from all over New Zealand.