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Water Is Not Just Wet Stuff!

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Water is essential for life. The human body can only survive a few days without it.

Lack Of Water Leads To Dehydration

Around 75% of the body is made up of water and 91% of the brain. If the body's water content drops by only a small amount, dehydration can cause significant effects on our physical function, energy levels and brain function.

Dehydration can also cause headaches, impaired digestion and reduced absorption of nutrients from the food we eat.

Lack of adequate hydration can cause constipation and reduce the healthy bacteria and the enzymes in our gut.

Dehydration can also cause aches and pains, especially in joints. Infections are more likely and kidney function can be compromised.

If water intake is inadequate, the body can even start to retain water and puffy legs and ankles can result. This can increase blood pressure levels as well. Dehydration can reduce our body's ability to get rid of toxins, viruses and infections.

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Here's Why Water Is So Important!

Water is needed for proper functioning in every cell in our body. It is needed for the blood, saliva, digestive juices, spinal fluid, sweat, urine, mucus and lymph flow.

It is needed for transporting nutrients around our body and for lubricating joints. Water keeps our skin and hair from becoming dry and scaly as well.

If we do not take in enough water each day, our body starts to have a stress reaction and we start to get warning signs that our health and wellness is in danger.

Most of us need minimum of around 2 Litres of fluid each day to keep us well. Of course this depends on body size, activity levels and the temperature we live in. Some people may need an average of 3-4 L each day.

Some people are at greater risk of dehydration: the elderly, those that work is hot environments, infants, breastfeeding mothers, athletes and those who are unwell.

A Quick Way To Check Your Hydration Level

For many people the thirst mechanism is not a reliable indicator of the need to drink. The colour of your urine can be a helpful guide to hydration. The urine should be a pale straw colour most of the time.

I recommend drinking water frequently over the day to ensure proper hydration. If you are going to be travelling or out and about remember to take a drink bottle with you. A stainless steel or glass bottle is ideal.

Water is always the best fluid for our bodies and this needs to be at least half of our fluid intake over the day.

The best water will also supply natural healthy minerals that are essential for optimal hydration and be in a from that is easily and quickly used by the body.

Are You Sure Your Drinking Water Is Safe?

The water supply needs to be fresh, clean, pure and taste and smell good. Our water supplies are increasingly at risk from contamination with chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides, plastic, viruses, bacteria and even medications and aeroplane fuel.

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Drinking water from rivers and lakes is now no longer considered safe.

In most cases a good quality water filter is a good investment for you and your family to ensure the water you drink tastes great, is safe to drink and supplies the essential minerals that your body needs to proper hydration.

Water Filters Are Not Created Equal

After a lot of research here's why I chose this one:

After using this filter for a short time, I applied to become an Approved Reseller in New Zealand so that my friends, family and clients can enjoy drinking pure healthy "living water".

I believe that investing in a good water filter in the home is a top priority for becoming and keeping healthy. It can benefit the whole family and everyone else who comes into your home. It may even be suitable for the office or workplace.

If you are interested in finding out more about the home water filtration unit that I use have a look at a Zazen Water Filter.