south canterbury dietitian

What Happens At Our Appointments?

Your consultation will take about 50-60 minutes. I encourage clients to bring along a food and exercise diary click here to download a dairy (opens in a separate page). This helps me to assess your current nutrient intake and also to understand yout usual eating pattern and lifestyle.

It's also helpful if you bring a long any relevant medical information and recent test results along with a list of any medications or supplements you may be taking.

During first part of the consultation I want to find out your health concerns and goals around improving your health. It may help to write some of this information down for us to discuss.

I will assess your current nutritional intake and discuss what you are doing well, any possible improvements and how the changes relate to your health concerns and goals.

Using this information together we create an eating plan for you to get started on. The eating plan gives you guidance on choosing suitable foods for meals and snacks as well as specific information on serving sizes. The eating plan will be practical, flexible and give you options that fit into your usual lifestyle and guide you on specific changes that will help to improve your health.

Review consultations

A review consultation will be arranged anywhere from 2-6 weeks after your initial appointment. The review will take 20-30 minutes. Together we assess you progress and discuss any concerns or barriers to change. The eating plan will be reviewed and modified if required. At each review appointment you will receive guidance, information to support you with reaching your health goals.