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Holistic and Intergrative Nutritionist - Liz Ford

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Most health professionals focus on reducing symptoms. My approach is very different. I focus on the WHOLE person to get to the cause of the symptoms.

Your body has the ability to heal itself when in the right enviroment with right nutrition.

Working together, we can create a customised plan to help return you to good health and wellness.

Here are some of the ways we can help improve your health:

Full Health Assessment - Individualised Plan Targeting Your Health Concerns

health assessment

Looking at the big picture view of your current health and wellbeing and formulating a targeted lifestyle plan for your body type.

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes And Pre-Diabetes

By making simple changes, Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed, and no longer dependent on medications or surgery.

Here's Dr Glen Davies from Taupo talking about reversing Type 2 Diabetes:

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Low Carb, Healthy Fat, Keto Eating

Low carb, healthy fat meal

This is the has been proven to be the best way to reduce insulin resisitance and burn excess fat while at the same time, improving your health and feeling more vibrant.

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Zazen Alkline Water Filters

Zazen Alkline Water Filters

This water system will convert your tap water into pure, mineraised drinking water for you and your family.

Chlorinated, acidic water is transformed to slightly alkaline, pure water with natural minerals added to help support your body's healing.

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Zazen Alkline Water Filters

MCT oil or Medium Chain Triglyceride is a specialised type of good fat or oil usually derived from coconut oil and has a different chemical structure from other fats.

Improves focus, clarity, concentration and mood and these benefits can last all day!

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS

IBS affects about 15% of the population and is a disorder of the digestive system.

Bloating, constipation, wind, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea and acid reflux are some of the common symptoms

I am working with many clients to resolve IBS and restore to good health.

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